Advantages of Nano-CBD Distillate Products over Products Made With Regular Cold Oil
Advantages of Nano-CBD Distillate Products over Products Made With Regular Cold Oil
Advantages of Nano-CBD Distillate Products Over Regular Cold Oil

Advantages of Nano-CBD Distillate Products over Products Made With Regular Cold Oil

The revelation that Cannabidiol (CBD) has important benefits to human health has led to more research and development. The result is a growing selection of products that sound confusing. Even though the wide selections of products are all derived from CBD, quality and purpose may be varied.

When you go shopping for CBD, you must have noticed one called Nano-CBD distillate, which is one of the CBD distillate products. Wondering what makes the Nano-CBD distillate better than CBD products made with regular cold oil? To answer the question, it’s important to define the Nano component of this CBD product.

Produced through the nanotechnology concept, Nano-CBD distillate is not as refined as, say CBD isolates. Which looks like containing carnival ball-pits full of plastic spheres. The spheres are basically molecules of the carrier oil (mostly coconut or olive oil).

Its CBD molecules are much smaller (Nano), and are interspersed in between the carrier oil or rather hidden inside the ball-pit. A typical component of Nano CBD is CBD oil, water, and other ingredients that help stabilize the mixtures.

Advantages of Nano-CBD distillate

What are the advantages of Nano-CBD distillate? It has some benefits, and there is a reason why you might want to try it. Firstly, Nano-CBD distillates may contain various cannabinoids, including terpenes and plant material. The presence of these chemicals can provide more health benefits for the body, which is equally possible with all CBD distillates. However, the advantage here is that Nano-CBD distillates can be absorbed faster, as would be explained in the subsequent points.

Secondly, unlike other CBD products with regular cold oil, Nano-CBD can potentially increase the amount of CBD that gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Firstly, the Nano-CBD distillate is easier to absorb. Why? Because the nutrients in the broken down tiny droplets of oil occupy a larger surface area of the walls of digestive systems.

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That is, the smaller the oil droplets are, the bigger surface contact the oil particles have with your body’s enzymes and absorptive tissue. The surface area of your digestive tract contains natural bile salts that can emulsify CBD oil distillate and any other dietary fats.

And cold oiled CBD products

For regular cold oiled CBD products, however, the digestion tends to be slower and less efficient. The result is that complete absorption of CBD oil may not be achieved to the optimal with oil CBD regular cold oil products.

Lastly, a typical component of Nano-CBD is the chemical known as penetration enhancers. Which include ethanol and propylene glycol among other surface-active molecules. These molecules coat the tiny drops of CBD oil.

Penetration enhancers speed up the movements of CBD molecules across the skin and mucous membranes. Which is what you will need when you want the CBD to work faster for you. You’re not likely to achieve that speedy movement of essential molecules with those CBD products made by regular cold oil.

Final thoughts

Nano-CBD distillate can deliver higher levels of CBD quickly into our bloodstream. Furthermore, it has more beneficial chemical components that can penetrate the bloodstream in minutes. When manufactured correctly, Nano-CBD distillate can provide better and quicker results than those CBDs products with regular cold oil.

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