Does CBD Work Better for Covid-19 Inflammation Than Corticosteroid?
Does CBD Work Better for Covid-19 Inflammation Than Corticosteroid?
Does CBD Work Better for Covid-19 Inflammation Than Corticosteroid?

Does CBD Work Better for Covid-19 Inflammation Than Corticosteroid?

The fight against Covid-19 has been on the up as countries across the globe faced upsurge of infections and mortalities. Countries have taken measures such as locking down their borders, restricting movements within their borders, enforcing social distancing, and washing among others to prevent more infection within their borders.

The reality is that Covid-19 has caused miseries among global communities, and efforts to find a lasting solution, including vaccine, has been on the top gear. Some preliminary research, however, suggests an unlikely source of help- Cannabis sativa. Recently, new studies are suggesting that a combination of terpenes and CBD works two times better for Covid-19 inflammation than Corticosteroid. But how true is this research finding?

What makes the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) such a deadly virus?

Covid-19 is such a deadly virus, and cytokine storms are one of the most deadly factors that have left many frontline medical workers, including doctors, stunned. Cytokine storms can cause severe inflammation, swelling, pain, and loss of organ function. Research findings reveal that the virus can lead to a ramped-up immune system. Which starts to kill the body’s own cells rather than fight the virus alone. The result has been increased mortality among severe Covid-19 cases.

How does this Cannabis Sativa extract, CBD, work?

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. One of its most desirable properties. Research has established that CBD reduces inflammation through various pathways in the human body. It provides an effective potential treatment for conditions that cause severe inflammation. The role of terpenes in the whole treatment of inflammation causes the ‘entourage effect. That means it helps CBD pass through the bloodstream easier.

The last few months have seen researchers increase their research activities on the potential cure for Covid-19. One of the most talked-about potential sources of Covid10 treatment is Cannabis sativa with its many chemical compounds. The investigation has mainly concentrated on CBD and its role in fighting inflammation.

The first investigation was that by researchers from the University of Lethbridge, who established that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce the severity of Covid-19. It can consequently reduce the mortality rate. An ongoing Israeli study has backed up the earlier findings by the Canadian researchers.

But the ongoing study says that terpenes may make the CBD use even more effective than CBD used alone. A combination of CBD and terpenes may even outdo other conventional treatments such as corticosteroids. The combination is more effective because it inhibits cytokine activity better than dexamethasone, a corticosteroid, which is the current treatment for Covid-19 cytokine storms.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis Sativa extracts have become very useful in treating many complications, the latest being the highly contagious and fatal Covid-19. Research on the effectiveness of a combination of CBD and terpenes is still in its early stages. But so far the result is highly promising because of the many active ingredients all working together to fight the severity of Covid-19.

It is still too early to conclude the effectiveness of CBD and terpenes in the fight against coronavirus. Until the results from these studies are completed or peer-reviewed, frontline doctors may have to wait before they begin to officially prescribe the new medicine.

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