5 Reasons Why Golfers Should Be Using Cannabidiol (CBD) for Better Swings
5 Reasons Why Golfers Should Be Using Cannabidiol (CBD) for Better Swings
5 Reasons Why Golfers Should Be Using CBD for Better Swings

5 Reasons Why Golfers Should Be Using Cannabidiol (CBD) for Better Swings

As CBD grows into popularity among the golfing community, it feels as though it’s a must-have for any golfer who wants to keep performing at the highest level. Big golfers such as Bubba Watson and Charley Hoffman are the leading golfers among dozens that have been spotted using CBD oil in major competitions. Some past players like Greg Norman have remarked that if CBD products had been around when he was in his prime, he’d performed much better and stayed longer in his golfing career.

CBD manufacturers are also upping their marketing efforts in promoting CBD products by locking up renowned PGA Tours golfers in sponsorship deals. Although the Tour reportedly issued a warning to its golfers about the use of CBD in 2019.

Obvious reasons why golfers should be using CBD for better swings

1. Increases golfer’s stamina to play more

One of the most common issues affecting golfers’ ability to do better swings is fatigue that causes sluggishness. Fatigue begins from training hard and playing many games in a short period. This is particularly true for the aging golfers, who would want to see themselves play more games without suffering fatigue. Golfers should be using CBD to fight off soreness and sluggishness to play more games. CBD helps golfers restore their bodies, which allows them to do better swings with little strain on their aging bodies.

2. Reduce inflammation and aid the recovery process

To make better shots and swings, your muscles must be in good condition. When your body suffers inflammation after the game, which is basically when your muscles repair takes place. As a golfer, CBD will help you bring balance and manage your inflammation so that you can continue making those swings and shots without experiencing the pain.

3. CBD helps golfers manage stress

Golfers should be using Cannabidiol (CBD) because it is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. Golf in itself is a stress reliever because as a player you’re there enjoying exercise, fresh air, and sunlight with friends. At the end of a stressful week, it can be very hard for you to manage stress. If golf is giving you a calming effect, then CBD can help you increase than benefit, which translates into better performance on the golf course. CBD will help you overcome shakiness and jitteriness by calming and increasing your focus. This gives you the strength to do better swings because CBD specifically targets the area of the brain associated with fear, stress, and anxiety.

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4. CBD help with “the yips”

As a golf player, you may have experienced instances where you go to take a swing and you feel a sudden spasm or tremor or shock move through your body. “The yips” is an actual medical phenomenon, which can be described as an instant tremor, jerk, or spasm that occurs when the player is attempting to chip or make a putt. The disorder can affect your ability to swing massively. Golfers should be using CBD to reduce the impact of the yips, hence facilitate better swings.

5. CBD can ease your pain

Many aging golfers frequently suffer lower back pain, which will affect their ability to take a good swing. For example, if you wretch your back in the middle of a swing, it can take you out of the game for long. Other than managing the inflammation that causes pain, CBD is known to help manage the pain itself. CBD directly reduces pain and changes the way the body perceives pain. This makes it less overwhelming, hence you’ll be able to take better swings.

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