New Poll Reveals Which Sports Athletes Use Cannabidiol (CBD) the Most
New Poll Reveals Which Sports Athletes Use Cannabidiol (CBD) the Most
New Poll Reveals Which Sports Athletes Use Cannabidiol (CBD) the Most

New Poll Reveals Which Sports Athletes Use Cannabidiol (CBD) the Most

Cannabidiol (CBD) has increasingly grown into popularity among sports personalities. The oil-based product derived from cannabis has its effects on how professional athletes use it. Today, CBD has penetrated nearly all sports. Although as at the time of writing this article, only golf has white-listed it to used by its professional athletes.

It’s no wonder CBD is one of the biggest topics of discussion in the sports industry. With these discussions focusing on the best and legal ways to recover and reduce stress as an athlete. The World Anti-Doping Agency also announced that players now permitted to use CBD. The go ahead come following pressure from athletes, particularly soccer players. CBD is can enhance the longevity of careers of athletes. This is because it ticks the boxes of all that athletes need to play longer and stay stronger.

Sports athletes, Golfers and the use of CBD

Even though CBD has received a lot of attention over the last two years, there are still questions about its gentility. A new study, however, has found out that those following e-sports, UFC, and Formula One racing are most likely to use weed and CBD. Baseball, golf, and football fans are the least frequent CBD consumers. On the contrary, golfers often reported the most likely to use CBD products because golf has the most aging players who want to play longer.

Lately, PGA and Champions Tour players have become more vocal about using CBD to treat their ailments since the hemp-derived compound recently removed from the banned substances list in 2018. When the 2014 FedEx cup champion and CBD investor Billy Horschel went six months without a top-eight finish last year, he did not know how to improve his performance and deal with his ailments until he discovered CBD.

PGA Tour golfers and Cannabidiol (CBD)

The 5-time PGA Tour winner began using CBD products and the results were outstanding with four top-eight finishes in four months. He believed that it was the use of CBD-infused topical creams and powders that contributed to his return to top form and enhanced performance. He reported increased quality of sleep, decreased inflammation of knees, and ankles.

After investing in a CBD company, he joins the growing list of renowned professional golfers who have taken to CBD. Those include Bubba Watson and Scott McCarron get lucrative endorsements for CBD products.

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These reports show that golfers are the leading athletes who use CBD the most. When ESPN’s Tom VanHaaren analyzed the increasing acceptance and use of CBD oil by professional golfers. He noted that PGA Champions Tour players use CBD oil for various reasons. Including sleep enhancement, recovery, and anxiety treatment. However, athletes from sports such as the NBA and NFL are still banned from using performance-enhancing hemp-derived oil.

Closing remarks

Because PGA has categorized CBD in the same group as other permitted supplements. It goes without saying that golfers are more likely to use CBD oil and other hemp products. Mainly because they don’t fear being prejudiced as the case with other popular physical sports. It is hoped that as soon as the FDA provides guidelines on the use of CBD by athletes, it will gain more acceptance in other sports.

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