The Real Truth about Cannabidiol (CBD) and how it can Impact a Golfers’s Game
The Real Truth about Cannabidiol (CBD) and how it can Impact a Golfers’s Game
The Real Truth about CBD and how it can Impact a Golfer's Game

The Real Truth about Cannabidiol (CBD) and how it can Impact a Golfers’s Game

The role of CBD in reducing pain and inflammation is now common knowledge. A simple internet search on the benefits of CBD will result in a plethora of benefits. From the treatment of sleep disorder to the reduction of pain and inflammation. The extract from the cannabis plant is one of the many chemical compounds found in the plant. CBD’s best known for its health benefits. However, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the other cannabis component has intoxicating property, making it illegal in many states.

The truth of CBD for professional and amateur golfers

The popularity of CBD as an alternative medicine can never consider overstated, and it continues to penetrate other fields as more people embrace the medicinal value of the cannabis compound. The truth about CDB is that it is used to reduce anxiety and inflammation, treat sleeplessness, and relieve chronic pain among other uses.

The cannabis extract has received massive attention from researchers. They have been investigating its efficacy in improving the performance of professional golfers. This has also triggered interest from sportsmen and women. This demographic uses cannabis to facilitate muscle recovery and pain management. CBD is also known to assist in the regulation of the immune system and suppression of inflammatory responses. All these properties of CBD can help treat injuries.

The impact of CBD legalization on the golf game

CBD has penetrated golfing as more players embrace it every, and companies signing golf players as ambassadors of their CBD products. They have been doing so since the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its banned substance list in 2018. As such, CBD is no longer listed among the prohibited substance for players. Instead, the World Anti-Doping Agency concentrates on the illegality of the other cannabis component, THC.

The truth about CBD is the fact that it was delisted from the list of illegal substances in 2018. Some deals have come through between professional golfers and CBD manufacturers, as ambassadorial and sponsorship roles emerge. That is, the growing industry of CBD in professional golf has seen many golfers taking on sponsorship and ambassadorial programs. High-profile players, including PGA Tour Champions player Scott McCarron, Bubba Watson, David Toms, and Kenny Perry among others have taken to sponsorship and brand ambassadorial roles.

Is there a need for CBD in golf?

The need for CBD in the golf sports truly based on the fact that most of the golfers in the Champions Tour are mostly older, some in their 60s. Age comes with many more complications, including lack of agility in their formerly younger bodies. For these players to continue competing at a higher level coupled with tight schedules for training and games. They need their bodies to be fit and responsive to every strain they undergo.

This is where CBD has come in to help the aging player to manage their inflammations, aches, pains, or any other age-related complications.
The truth about CBD is that it’s a better alternative to other addictive medications such as Ambien. The golfers will get better sleep, recovery, manage anxiety, and increase focus to ensure they continue competing at higher levels.

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However, research on CBD is not yet exhaustive, hence players using CBD should take caution to ensure that they understand the purpose of the CBD product they consume. Nonetheless, CBD is likely to promote golf and lead to more aging people continuing to play professional golf at a higher level.

Final Thoughts

Inflammations, pain, anxiety, and lack of proper sleep are some of the issues that limit the aging golfers to continue competing at higher levels. CBD is gaining more popularity in the professional golfing world every day. And we are likely to see more aging people continue to compete at higher levels. This is due to the use of the hemp-derived cannabis component.

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