Why Professional Golfers Are Turning to Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil, and Does It Help?
Why Professional Golfers Are Turning to Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil, and Does It Help?
Why Professional Golfers Are Turning to CBD Oil, and Does It Help?

Why Professional Golfers Are Turning to Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil, and Does It Help?

Like any other sports, golf has found a new phenomenon in CBD oil. CBD products have become overly popular over the last few years. Particularly for golfers who wants to enhance their performance in golf courts. CBD’s known to help golfers calm, reduce stress, minimize the effect of inflammation, and increase focus among other benefits. This is why it is no longer unusual for professional golfers to carry with and use CBD oil products as they play golf.

As soon as the World Anti-Doping Agency delisted CBD among banned substances in sports, the #1 ranked player on the PGA Champions Tour, Scott McCarron encountered a bottle of CBD pills placed on the cubby by Functional Remedies EndoSport. Immediately after his return from the 2018 Boca Raton Invitational. The incident was not unique, as CBD manufacturers have made it a common approach to give golfers test samples as a marketing strategy.

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Just like McCarron did not know much about CBD oil by then, many golfers were exposed to such go ahead and test the products. It is no wonder many golfers are turning to CBD oil to help improve their game.

There are many reasons why professional golfers are turning to cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

  • Improve the performance of the aging professional golfers

Part of the reason why CBD oil is becoming popular is that golfers in Champions Tour are aging, with a good number of them in their 60s. With the rapidly changing bodies. Many of these players are looking for ways to improve their game and play at a high level with the grueling schedules that don’t allow them time to recover or heal naturally.

  • Better their night’s sleep

Golf, just like many sports that require intense concentration, needs you to be overly alert during game time. Professional golfers often experience physical strain when they have to walk miles every day and swing with all their upper arm strength. Moreover, their muscles demand repair after going through grueling practice days. To acquire the optimal alertness level and repair their body, they need to get a good night’s sleep.

  • Remedy performance anxiety

Professional golfers often undergo lots of anxiety, sometimes chronic. This is due to the grueling experience and anticipation during preparation for a major tournament. As they hope to line a perfect shot, it becomes extremely difficult to keep their anxiety level under control. Due to anxiety, they are highly prone to mistakes. Any golfer is at risk of suffering performance anxiety. And CBD oil is known to help golfers tackle their anxiety and help the user feel calm and relaxed in any situation.

  • Manage inflammation and reduce physical pain

Inflammation can lead to physical pain to golfers, which can impair their performance. Playing golf, just like any other game, is strenuous to practice and play. Golfers are likely to suffer inflammation, pain, and stiffness. Although there are many treatments for inflammation and physical pain in the market, CBD oil has become a popular alternative treatment for inflammation and physical pain.

Final thoughts

Despite the lack of National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certification for hemp-derived CBD oil to be used in sports. Those using it have reported positive outcomes for the purpose for which they are using it. Nonetheless, it is the responsibility of golfers to use CBD oil to verify that they are buying it from the right manufacturers.

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