Are SwingFree CBD Products Specially Designed for Golfers?
Are SwingFree CBD Products Specially Designed for Golfers?
Swingfree CBD Products for Golfers

Are SwingFree CBD Products Specially Designed for Golfers?

The proliferation of CBD products in the golf industry is not accidental but the need to improve the performance of golfers. Unless you have been living under the rock, you’ve most likely heard about CBD. It’s an open secret that almost everyone seems to consider it. Particularly in the golfing world. But the increasing popularity of CBD among golfers is not surprising, given the many benefits of CBD.

It is important to note is that taking CBD is not the same as taking marijuana, because the former cannot get you high. Although research on the full benefits of CBD continue to grow, a lot of benefits can be derived from it as far as sports is concerned. CBD is known to improve golfer’s cognitive function, thus many professional golfers find it indispensable. Even for amature golfers, CBD has several health benefits for them.

Swingfree CBD products are specially designed for golfers because of the needs in the industry. The products were designed with the full knowledge of the needs of golfers, be it professionals or armatures. Swingfree CBD products include CBD oil, cream, and roll-on. The products are extracted from hemp, and they are effective in managing anxiety, reduces inflammation, and promotes sleep quality.

How the products are made?

Our Cannabidiol pain cream & roll-on are based on the 2018 Farm Bill that introduced legislation that made hemp legal to grow and sell for consumption. From then, the Swingfree CBD team embarked on a research that would see it produce various products. Those products help golfers improve their swings and overall game in general. The production takes a sophisticated extraction process, where CBD is pulled out from a legal plant product according to the law. The production of Swingfree CBD products has been boosted by the recent development of its legalization.

The Anti-Doping Program at the PGA Tour has stated that CBD is not prohibited. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) also recently removed CBD from its list of prohibited substances. As such, it is important to know the difference between CBD and its cannabis counterpart, THC, which is illegal.

To produce quality CBD products, it is upon the manufactures to control the quality and ensure the purity of the products released to the market. As you may be aware, CBD can come from cannabis or hemp, but the former will likely contain the banned substance THC. As such Swingfree CBD products are solely derived from hemp to ensure golfers only consume what is legal.

Benefits of Swingfree CBD products to golfers

Golf may not be an aggressive, contact sport, but given the long duration players take on the field, their bodies can suffer overuse injuries. It may cause stress on shoulders, elbows, hips, wrists, etc. Given strain caused by the long-hail of 18-holes, Swingfree CBD creams and others can reduce inflammation and pain in golfers.

Swingfree CBD products have become highly popular with plenty of golfers on the PGA tour, as well as armatures. The players, while are still high performers on their own, trust the health benefits and safety of Swingfree CBD products. Being a non-pharmaceutical intervention for performance enhancement products, Swingfree CBD products come with properly labeled user guidelines.

Final Thoughts

Swingfree CBD products are essential components for any golfer. The products are specially designed for golfers as is elaborated on their website. These products have massive health benefits to golfers, including stress reduction, increasing better focus, sleep improvement, injury recovery, and management of inflammation. The goal is to improve the performance of golfers.

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