CBD is Taking Professional Golfing World by Storm, But Why?
CBD is Taking Professional Golfing World by Storm, But Why?
CBD is Taking Professional Golfing World by Storm, But Why Golfers?

CBD is Taking Professional Golfing World by Storm, But Why?

A growing trend of professional golfers developing interested in CBD for its medical and performance role in their body and game respectively. It’s no longer news to hear that a certain prominent professional golfer has signed an endorsement deal with a CBD brand or invested in a CBD company.

There are several identified benefits of CBD for golfers, especially in the professional golf world. But, to understand why the hemp-derived compound is gaining speedy popularity among golfers need to understand the intensity of the professional golf world.

What playing golf entails

Despite not being a contact game, golf is one of the most demanding games with intensive schedules. The extensive travel sometimes leaves a player drained and bruised both physically and emotionally. Golfers traversing time zones regularly is not news. They routinely finish rounds at dinnertime on a single day, and finally tee off early the next morning.

This kind of schedule and time on the golf course leaves players drained, sleepless, strained muscles, and generally exhausted. This can turn out to be an occupational hazard. Moreover, golf is the only outfield game that can still accommodate those with advanced age, including over 60s. The advanced age alone comes with its challenges. And it becomes even more challenging if the person is an active professional golfer.

So why have golfers taken to CBD like fish to water?

In spite of the lack of complete approval by the PGA Tours, golfers are increasingly taking to CBD to help them achieve many things. Those include treating specific ailments and improving their game performance. Some have even credited their revived golfing career to CBD products use.

Using CBD in golfing is associated with many things, including muscle recovery. CBD is constantly touted to be a better natural way to treat inflammation. This role has made it a popular option for treating muscle soreness among golfers. Golf may not be a contact sport, but the strains it causes to the muscles may cause pain on players.

Professional golfers are now abandoning the traditional pain medications, in favor of the more natural ingredients of the hemp compound. Golfers have quoted pain management as the top reason why they use CBD products such as creams.

Golfers have also cited CBD as a source of relieving anxiety and stress. These are some of the most talked-about benefits of CBD in the professional golf world, as golfers look for what can make them play golf to their sunset years, even as anxiety and stress creep in to interfere with their game plan.

Stress is also associated with a lack of sufficient sleep. Many golfers have cited sleep disorder as some of the most common problems they face. CBD is known to improve their sleep while relaxing their bodies.

Final thoughts

As soon as the World Anti-Doping Agency whitelisted CBD in 2018, the cannabis compound took the golfing community by storm. But this is not surprising given the testimonies some of those who use CBD have given and the rising endorsement the compound has received recently.

The tough schedules golfers go through can cause a lot of problems, both physically and mentally. Given its naturalness, CBD has found a home in the professional golf world, and it is only expected to gain more following in the future.

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