PGA Tour Skeptical About CDB, While Golfers Show High Interest
PGA Tour Skeptical About CDB, While Golfers Show High Interest
PGA Tour Skeptical About CDB, While Golfers Show High Interest

PGA Tour Skeptical About CDB, While Golfers Show High Interest

There is a surge of PGA and Champions Tour players not only embracing CBD but also becoming vocal about how they use it to treat their ailments and boost their game performance. On the contrary, PGA Tour is still skeptical about CBD. That’s despite it being removed from the banned substance list in 2018. Many professional golfers have lamented that there is still a stigma about the use of the compound, although the trend is receding.

The health benefits to the golfing community

The increasing popularity of CBD among golfers is attributed to its health benefits and subsequent improvement of their performance. When Billy Horschel went six months without a top-eight finish in 2019, he believed his game is over. However, he would later find a remedy to his ailing game in CBD.

He saw his game improve with four top-eight finishes in four months, subsequently resurrecting his near-dead golfing career. The 2014 FedEx Cup champion is convinced that the CBD creams and powders he’s been using have contributed to his career revival. Because it increased his quality of sleep and lessened inflammation.

The case of Horschel is just one of the many testimonies given by professional golfers on how CBD has improved or revived their game. The growing list includes the two-time Masters Champion Bubba Watson, the reigning Schwab Cup champion Scott McCarron, and many more. They have become paid endorsers for CBD products. The high interest in CBD use by these leading professional golfers has signaled the growing acceptance of CBD use in the traditionally conservative golf game.

The challenge has been to differentiate between recreational and medicinal use of marijuana products among those doubting CBD. The hemp-derived compound is used to treat various ailments, including anxiety, inflammation, seizure disorders, and muscle pain. Golf, as a game that can be played up to advanced age. It can also be straining due to the long hours and hard swings it involves. The World Anti-Doping Agency whitelisted CBD, hence it is no longer a banned substance.

The Skepticism of PGA Tour

However, PGA Tour is still skeptical about CBD use among the golfing fraternity. Officials believe that allowing its use is not the same as endorsing it. In 2019, a year after The World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD among the banned substances. Tour officials warned players that they risk failing drug test if they continued to use CBD products.

They cited the lack of government regulation, which means that some CBD companies may not fully comply to make their products THC-free. THC is the psychoactive compound of cannabis that tours anti-doping have listed among other banned substances.

Final thoughts

The truth about CBD in the golfing community is that there is still not enough correct information out there to help people, and tour officials make informed decisions. The fact that there is a little regulatory mechanism to guide the production and use of CBD is enough to create fear. Mostly among officials who believe that there could be some unscrupulous companies that may let THC in their CBD products. More research must be done to ensure accurate information is disseminated to the public.

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